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FOOTAGE. Woman arrested at Citibank 555 Laguardia (around West 3rd/Bleeker). She’s wearing a business suit, clearly not protesting, just there to close her account with the bank as part of a group action. NYPD surround her, scare the shit out of her, and arrest her. For closing her bank account.


ETA: OK, I’m rewatching this, and I may have gotten it wrong. The woman shown here may be the woman we hear on camera communicating with the folks locked in the bank and giving them the legal aid number. In which case she’s being dragged off by the cops for informing people not yet under arrest about their legal rights? I don’t know which scenario is worse. If anyone has the real scoop, I’d love to hear it.

ETA2: NYPD announce that 24 people were arrested at the earlier Citibank incident. They were all charged with criminal trespass, while one was also charged with resisting arrest.This is according to Jonathan Lemire at the Daily News.


“Listen, we iz NOT cats on a hot tin roof! This roof iz not tin!”

“OK, OK. Don’t go hisssterical!”

This crazy card from between 1876 and 1890 was an advertisement for F.O Pierce and Company, which had a paint and oil warehouse on Fulton Street in Manhattan, according to an old NY Times article. The card is now in our Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs. Our favorite part is the little cat head that is seemingly floating around. Happy Caturday!

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